Nanopore Pen 2: the most powerful wireless microneedling device is here!

NANOPORE Pen by Sesderma is the most versatile electric microneedling system in pen format—lightweight and wireless—which stimulates collagen and promotes transepidermal absorption of active ingredients. It significantly improves the appearance and texture of the skin from the first session, reducing wrinkles and imperfections.

Key Features of Nanopore Pen

The new Nanopore device is a state-of-the-art device designed for professional micro-needling treatment. Its high-powered engine operates at 8V and can perform up to 9,600 revolutions per minute. This device can penetrate up to 1.5 millimetres into the skin, creating 1,500 micro-channels per second and beating 150 times per second.

Its 8V engine is the most powerful in the market in terms of wireless microneedling devices, ensuring an effective, accurate, and safe treatment. One its main benefits of is that it can work wirelessly or connected to an electrical source. It has two interchangeable batteries, with two hours of autonomy each.

Its nozzle is compatible with Nanopore Stylus needle heads, disposable and sterile needles in stainless steel with titanium coating.

How It Works

Nanopore Pen is a small, lightweight, and cordless microneedling system. It addresses the demanding needs of dermatologists and licensed estheticians alike who want to equip their practice with state-of-the-art equipment and offer the best possible experience to their patients, as it combines effectiveness, speed and comfort for the person receiving the treatment. The device operates in a wireless mode with two interchangeable batteries, each with a life span of over two hours. Alternatively, it can also function via a continuous cable-operating mode.

Triple Action

The device works on three primary levels. First, it repairs the dermal matrix by increasing collagen production through the skin’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

Second, it enhances transepidermal penetration. The micro-perforation of the skin’s corneal layer increases its permeability and promotes the penetration of active ingredients.

Finally, it improves cellular communication between the dermis and epidermis (keratinocytes, melanocytes and fibroblasts), promoting signals responsible for maintaining skin barrier function, pigmentation, and elasticity of collagen and elastin fibres.

Speed and Depth Modes

Nanopore Pen features adjustable speed modes to increase patient comfort, with a digital speed indicator. Its needle depth is also adjustable, with penetration ranging from 0.25 to 1.5 mm.

Understanding Microneedling & its benefits

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that uses tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries on the skin’s surface. These micro-injuries trigger the skin’s natural healing process, promoting collagen production and enhancing the absorption of active ingredients.

Α treatment with a powerful microneedling device has myriad of benefits.

  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Improves enlarged pores
  • Reduces scares and stretch marks
  • Evens out the skin tone
  • Improves skin firmness
  • Slows down hair loss

Protocol of Use

  1.  An antiseptic lotion is applied to clean the skin, ensuring asepsis on the area to be treated.
  2. A needle head is inserted into the device, and the desired depth is selected
  3. A mesotherapeutic solution is applied to the area to be treated, lubricating the needles during the treatment and delivering the active ingredients.
  4. The penetration speed of the needles is selected.
  5. The device is used at a constant speed, starting from the most resistant areas and moving to the most sensitive ones.
  6. After the treatment, a gentle massage is performed using serums until the applied products are completely absorbed.
  7. Sunscreen is applied to the treated area.

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