The Special Line Threads series are made with unique characteristics to provide the best results without side effects and guarantees patient’s comfort.

Rainbow Thread Gold Embossing is a smooth, polydioxanone made, lifting thread with a 24 carats gold coating. There is a reason gold was chosen for a coating material – it is an inert element, which doesn’t provoke allergies. Effects are longer-lasting than normal polydioxanone threads, as the release of gold takes more time. Just a few months after Rainbow Gold Embossing has been administered, a collagen fiber capsule will form around the thread and it will serve as a natural framework for the soft tissues, permanently reinforcing the skin.


  • Completely Absorbable PDO Thread + 99.99% Pure Gold
  • Brightening, Whitening and Tightening Effect
  • Increase the skin Vitalisation and Eliminate freckles
  • Gold delays Degradation time
  • Embossing provides more collagen than Mono

Rainbow i  is specially designed for eye area. The special U-Cannula allows optimal treatment without side effects. It minimizes the risk of bruising, swelling, ensures optimal results and patient’s comfort and satisfaction.