The ideal base par excellence thanks to the action of its three active principles, hyaluronic acid, X-DNA and organic silica. It can be used on its own, as anti-ageing treatment or mixed with other ingredients to create an entirely personalised product. BCN Base provides the hydration every skin needs and the elasticity that results from it, through the hydrating properties of its three ingredients, especially those of hyaluronic acid.

These effects are maintained if the skin is protected from the impact of free radicals which contribute to ageing. To achieve this, the natural polymer X-DNA acts in perfect synergy with the hyaluronic acid and adds an anti-oxidant effect to the product. Finally the organic silica renews and regenerates the cells.


Anti-Cellulite Cocktail.

Lypolitic Cocktail

Replenishing Cocktail

Restructuring Cocktail

Enlightening Cocktail

Polyrevitalising Cocktail

Hair Loss Cocktail