Oreon Life Science is an international Korean company specialized in medical aesthetics and is the manufacturer of Rainbow Threads and AESSOA fillers.

The AESSOA fillers range comprises of 4 different products, developed with a specific target of treatment in mind and was launched in 2020. They treat skin concerns from superficial and deep wrinkles to restore and improve skin quality. All products are European CE Certified.

Aessoa Shine: Concentration: 24 mg/ml HA. Purpose: Moisturizing/ Neck lines/ Pore tightening

Aessoa Global: Concentration: 24 mg/ml HA. Purpose: Fine to Moderate wrinkle correction.

Aessoa Deep: Concentration: 24 mg/ml HA. Purpose: Deep wrinkle correction.

Aessoa Ultra: Concentration 24 mg/ml HA. Purpose: Volumizing, contouring.